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Exporter Accreditation Description

Exporter Accreditation under Export Development Act (EDA)

Accreditation of exporters under the Export Development Act (EDA). Accredited exporters may avail themselves of the free Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) registration if Export Sales arte at least 50% of Total Sales for the year and for Zero-Rated VAT if Export Sales are more than 70% of Total Sales for the year.


Accreditation of Exporters Flow Chart

Required Documents

Submit scanned copies in PDF format to

  1. Accomplished Application for Accreditation of Exporters Form
  2. Notarized Affidavit of Compliance with the Minimum Wage and SSS Laws (download sample EDA Sworn Statement, transfer to your company’s letterhead).
  3. Audited Financial Statements (Immediately preceding taxable calendar year- photocopy).
  4. Bank Certification of Export Performance same year with No. 3 (Summary of Inward Remittance for Export Sales).

For Indirect Exporters (additional):

Sales: Certification from the direct exporter attesting purchase of raw materials from indirect exporter and re-exportation of finished goods.


To qualify for EDA Accreditation, a company’s direct Export Sales must exceed 70% of its gross sales/ total annual production and must at least have a minimum of one-year export sales performance.

The EDA Accreditation of EMB is used to facilitate the VAT Credit/ Refund claims of Exporters with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, in enjoying zero-rated sales from their supplier of raw materials or packaging materials. This is one of the incentives provided under the Export Development Act. Accredited companies are issued a Certificate of Accreditation valid for one (1) year.

EMB endorses a monthly list of Accredited Exporters Qualified for 0-Rated VAT to the BIR’s Audit Information, Tax Exemption & Incentives Division for their reference. A Certified True Copy of this Endorsement is issued to the Exporter upon their request.

Downloadable Forms:



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