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PECP Description

Philippine Export Competitiveness Program (PECP)


PECP is DTI-EMB’s umbrella undertaking that seeks to strengthen the competitiveness of Philippine exporters particularly manufacturers and service providers, among others, through seminars, information sessions, and capacity building projects. Under the PECP is the Usapang Exports project, a series of information sessions that aims to inform/update exporters and aspiring exporters on:

  • Market regulations, opportunities and trends to aid/support Philippine businesses to make informed decisions on exporting
  • Doing Business in Free Trade Areas (DBFTA) to increase awareness and utilization of the Philippines’ preferential trade arrangements (PTAs)
  • Available government programs and services that support their exporting journey; and
  • Other export-related topics that will enable them to seize opportunities in international markets.

PECP Events

PECP Calendar of Events