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angle-left ADVISORY: Bangladesh Trade and Investment Summit, 26 October-01 November 2021


  • Traders and investors from Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific are invited to attend the event to explore business opportunities in nine (9) priority sectors, namely: Infrastructure (Physical, logistics & Energy), IT/ITES & Fintech, Leather goods, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive & Light Engineering, Plastic products, Agro & food processing, Jute & Textiles, FMCG & Retail Business. 


  • Interested businesses and companies from the above-mentioned sectors can join the virtual B2B meetings, and connect with suitable matches in Bangladesh by registering online at this Link

Objectives of the Summit:

  • To promote Bangladesh as an attractive trading and FDI destination to global businesses.
  • To extend global integration on trade and investment into new global reality.
  • To secure investment in diverse priority and emerging industries for mutual benefits.

Event itinerary:

Given these objectives, the summit is going to be jointly organized by DCCI and Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh. The summit will congregate top policymakers of Bangladesh, leaders of successful companies and leading investors, business analysts, CEOs of large conglomerates, multilateral agencies from all over the world to harness investment treasure.

This week-long investment summit includes 9 sectors underscoring critical enablers and avenues of the economy, demanding massive investments especially in Infrastructure (Physical, logistics & Energy), IT/ITES & FINTECH, Leather goods, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive & Light Engineering, Plastic products, Agro & food processing, Jute & Textiles, FMCG & Retail Business. These areas of economy seek greater attention and help solidifying competitiveness of the country. 

On Day 1, Inaugural Ceremony will be held and the high-level dignitary of the Government of the People’s republic of Bangladesh is expected to join followed by B2B matchmaking where Bangladeshi enterprises join investors of the Americas. On Day 2, discussion session followed by Investment matchmaking with EU investors, Day 3 discussion session followed with the Middle Eastern and West Asian investors, on Day 4, discussion session followed with Asian and Australian investors (Asia & the Pacific) & on Day 5 discussion session followed B2B with the African investors, on day 6, Discussion session on capital market development and on Day 7 will be discussion on LDC Graduation of Bangladesh: Transformation and Preparedness.

From each region, 26 businesses (Trades & Investors) are expected to participate with their Bangladeshi counterparts, indicating that in total 160 B2Bs from 50 countries of 6 regions. The nature of investment would be limited to trade and investment. Each day there will be a brief discussion session focusing specific region prior to B2B sessions.


Webinar-1           27 Oct, 2021       Economic tie of Bangladesh & Europe: New Regulatory Regime

Webinar-2           28 Oct, 2021       Shaping Business Landscape: Economic Cooperation of Middle East & Bangladesh

Webinar-3           29 Oct, 2021       Asia & Pacific and Bangladesh: Harnessing Economic Potentials

Webinar-4           30 Oct, 2021       Trade & Investment Cooperation of Africa and Bangladesh: Towards a new trajectory

Webinar-5           31 Oct, 2021       Webinar on Capital Market Development: Facilitating Bond Development

Webinar-6           01 Nov, 2021      Webinar on LDC Graduation of Bangladesh: Transformation and Preparedness