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angle-left ADVISORY: Commercial Intelligence - Trending Flavors and Foods: 2022 Predictions

In the article published by Hugo Britt in Thomas Insights, the Whole Foods’ Trends Council has predicted the following flavors and foods that will trend this 2022: 

  • The Council is predicting the rise of Yuzu, a citrus fruit cultivated in Japan, Korea, and China. This fruit is versatile and has been used in everything from vinaigrettes to hard seltzer to mayonnaise. Chefs also use the lemon-lime flavor to accent noodles, fish, and soups. 

  • Hibiscus has been traditionally been found in teas, but the high vitamin C content of this plant makes it more appealing. Producers are harnessing its sweet, tart flavor in the form of fruit spreads, yogurts, and beyond. Beverage makers are using hibiscus to craft delicious drinks that adopt its signature hot-pink hue. 

  • Moringa, a so-called “miracle tree”, will rise as a popular alternative to matcha. This is derived from a fast-growing and drought-resistant tree found in India and Africa. Moringa in powder form can be used in smoothies, sauces, and baked goods. It is appealing not only for the flavor but also as source of nutrition. 

  • Lastly is turmeric. This spice is commonly found in golden milk lattes, but expect to see it in cereals, sauerkrauts, and even ice cream sandwiches. 

For more information, you may click the link of the article – Trending Flavors and Foods: 2022 Predictions ( by Hugo Britt, dated January 04, 2022.