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angle-left ADVISORY: World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Latest Notifications – 13-19 August 2022

Philippine exporters and relevant stakeholders are strongly encouraged to review and comment on the listed proposed technical regulations that may greatly affect our exports to the issuing countries.    

The latest bulletin lists a total of eighty-eight (88) notifications on agriculture, chemical technology, domestic and commercial equipment, electronics, environment, health protection, safety, fuels, and health care technology from the issuing countries listed and their final date of comments below:  


  1. Cultivation of hemp, Finland, 17 October 2022   
  2. Agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines, New Zealand, 11 October 2022 
  3. Animal feeding stuffs, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  4. Maize gluten feed, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  5. Bone meal for compounding animal feeds, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  6. Maize bran as livestock feed, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  7. Animal feeding stuffs, Uganda, Not Indicated  

Chemical Technology 

  1. Chemicals for purification of water, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  2. Synthetic organic liquid detergent, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  3. Antibacterial toilet soap, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  4. Antibacterial toilet soap, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  5. Synthetic industrial detergent powder, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  6. Liquid soap, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  7. Bathing bars, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  8. Antibacterial bathing bars, Uganda, Not Indicated 

Conformity assessment 

  1. Pre-export verification of conformity services for general goods, Kenya, Not Applicable   

Domestic and Commercial Equipment 

  1. Water dispensers, The Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, Not Indicated 
  2. Electric mains-operated refrigerating appliances, Ukraine, 14 October 2022 

Electrical Engineering 

  1. Cable reels for household and similar purposes, Israel, Not Indicated 


  1. Electronic collars on dogs and cats, United Kingdom, 17 October 2022 

Environment, Health Protection, and Safety 

  1. Portable tanks bulk containers (IBC) used in land transport of certain dangerous goods, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  2. Pesticides – Carbendazim, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  3. Bottled water and of ice, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  4. Fire detection systems, Israel, Not Indicated 
  5. Biological products, Peru, 16 October 2022 
  6. Hazardous materials, United States of America, Not Indicated 

Fluid Systems and Components for General 

  1. Room air conditioner, Thailand, 15 October 2022   
  2. Pumps, United States of America, Not Indicated 
  3. Ceiling fans, United States of America, Not Indicated 

Food Technology 

  1. Cashew chestnut almonds, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  2. Nutritionally modified food, Brazil, Not Applicable 
  3. Food preparation mixtures and ready-to-eat foods, Brazil, Not Applicable 
  4. Coffee, barley, teas, yerba mate, spices, seasonings and sauces, Brazil, Not Applicable 
  5. Low sodium salt, foods for weight control, foods for diets with nutrient restriction and foods for diets with a controlled intake of sugars, Brazil, Not Applicable 
  6. Enrichment and food restoration, Brazil, Not Applicable 
  7. Edible ice cream and preparations for edible ice cream, Brazil, Not Applicable 
  8. Starches, biscuits, cereals whole grains, processed cereals, bran, flour, wholemeal flour, pasta and bread, Brazil, Not Applicable 
  9. Food additives - Technology aids in various food categories, Brazil, Not Applicable 
  10. Enzymes, Brazil, 18 October 2022 
  11. Meat, poultry and their products, milk and dairy products, Egypt, Not Indicated 
  12. Milk and milk products, pork and pork products & fish and fish products, India, 17 October 2022 
  13. Olive oil and olive pomace oil, Turkey, Not Indicated 
  14. Food for infants and young children, Turkey, Not Indicated 
  15. Infant formula and follow-on formula, Turkey, Not Indicated 
  16. Dried fruits, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  17. Fruit chips and crisps, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  18. Malted cereal beverages, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  19. Dried vegetables and herbs, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  20. Sugar and sugar products, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  21. Sugar and sugar products, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  22. Sugar and sugar products, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  23. Powdered silver cyprinid (Mukene), Uganda, Not Indicated 
  24. Fortified food grade salt, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  25. Chocolate and chocolate products, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  26. Infant formula, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  27. Processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  28. Dairy whitener, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  29. Sesame seeds, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  30. Chia seed (Salvia hispanica.L), Uganda, Not Indicated 
  31. Macadamia kernels, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  32. Roasted macadamia, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  33. Cashew kernels, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  34. Roasted cashew kernels, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  35. Rabbit meat, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  36. Minced meat, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  37. Foods and food ingredients treated with ionising radiation, Ukraine, 14 October 2022 

Gas supply systems 

  1. Dispensing metered amounts of LPG from gas cylinders, Kenya, 17 October 2022 

Health Care Technology 

  1. Pharmaceutical products, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  2. Products subject to public health surveillance, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  3. Probiotic drugs, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  4. Condoms, Chile, Not Indicated 
  5. Radiographic equipment, Philippines, Not Indicated 
  6. Disinfectants, Ukraine, 14 October 2022 

Manufacturing Engineering 

  1. Machetes, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  2. Spades, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  3. Hoes, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  4. Electric arc furnaces and argon-oxygen decarburization, Uganda, Not Indicated 

Metrology and Measurement 

  1. Weighing instruments, The Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, Not Indicated 


  1. Stainless steel tanks, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  2. Steel wires and wire products for fencing, Uganda, Not Indicated 
  3. Steel wires and wire products for fencing, Uganda, Not Indicated 

Packaging and Distribution of Goods 

  1. Foods containing cereals and pseudocereals, Brazil, Not Indicated 
  2. Commodities governed by the Commodity Labeling Act, The Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, Not Indicated 

Plastic Industries 

  1. Single-use plastic products, United Kingdom, 16 October 2022 

Road Vehicles Engineering 

  1. Vehicular lighting and signaling systems, Argentina, 11 October 2022   
  2. Vehicle restraint systems, Colombia, Not Indicated 

Telecommunications. Audio and Video 

  1. Fibre optic cable for buildings, Kenya, 10 October 2022 
  2. White space devices, United States of America, Not Indicated 

Please submit your comments to the DTI Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) thru email at and copy the DTI Export Marketing Bureau ( The BPS serves as the Philippines’ National Enquiry Point (NEP) and the National Notification Authority (NNA) for the WTO-TBT Agreement.